HELICOVAXOR® brought together a consortium of three lead European SMEs; Sigmoid Pharma, Telormedix and Gotovax, with research institutions and service providers to develop of an oral Helicobacter pylori vaccine.
The project was funded with a grant from the European Community under the Framework 7 Programme to support innovative SMEs to solve a technological challenge by combining their complementary interests.
Over the course of 2013 and 2014, the goal of the HELICOVAXOR® consortium was to develop a novel adjuvanted, multivalent Helicobacter pylori vaccine (HELICOVAXOR®) that would be administered orally using an advanced nano-emulsion/micelle format that is stable at ambient temperature and was  expected to be effective in both preventing and treating Helicobacter pylori infection.  The objective of the consortium was to develop a HELICOVAXOR® prototype that was ready to enter human clinical studies.  The EC Framework 7 Programme funded workplan was completed in early 2015.  Significant research into all aspects of the proposed HELICOVAXOR® was completed.  The lead prototype showed promise for future development, achieving encouraging immunogenicity and protection results.  More work is required before the prototype is ready to enter human clinical studies and two of the SMEs and a number of research institutions from the consortium continue to work together towards that goal.

Business Development

The consortium members continue to be interested in discussions to explore collaborations to further develop and commercialise the findings of the HELICOVAXOR® project.  If you are interested in learning more or setting a partnering discussion, please contact;
Rosemarie Tully, Chief Business Officer, Sigmoid Pharma
Tel: +353 1 7007511
Sigmoid Pharma The Invent Centre Dublin City University Dublin 9, Ireland

Research Update

The EC FP7 funded portion of the HELICOVAXOR® consortium is now complete and the final report has been submitted. A number of the members of the consortium continue to work together to further research oral adjuvanted vaccines. The critical needs for successful oral vaccine product development are to 1) find a broadly protective vaccine antigen 2) find or develop a useful, safe, yet effective, mucosal adjuvant 3) develop a useful formulation for oral use that would allow the vaccine-adjuvant mixture to be a) combined in a single co-ad...

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Latest News

Throughout the course of the HELICOVAXOR® project, members of the consortium have continued to raise awareness of the potential for an oral, adjuvanted Helicobacter pylori vaccine through presentations and publications at international conferences and in scientific journals.  A list of publications is provided below: Publications Holmgren J, Svennerholm AM. ”Vaccines against mucosal infections”. Curr Opin Immunol. 2013 Jun;24(3):343-53.   Sjökvist Ottsjö L, Flach CF, Clements J, Holmgren J, Raghavan S. ”A double mu...

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