Unique Contributions
Sigmoid PharmaSmPill TechnologyEnables the integration of disparate technologies and excipients.
Permits unique combinations of active entities to be formulated into an oral dosage form.
Targets release of the antigen adjuvant to specific regions of the gastrointestinal tract.
Mild processing conditions do not degrade labile actives (e.g. peptides, whole live or killed bacteria and carbohydrates).
Thermostable (no refrigeration requirement for storage or distribution).
Gotovax ABActive Ingredient TechnologyCandidate oral whole-cell vaccine against H. pylori in the form of formalin-killed V. cholerae bacteria.
V. cholerae bacteria engineered to contain large amounts of one (or more) protective H. pylori antigen(s).
V. cholerae bacteria engineered to optionally contain a specific intestine-binding protein to promote vaccine immunogenicity upon administration.
Supply formalin-killed whole-cell H. pylori vaccine (control).
Supply relevant antigens in purified form for use in immunologic analyses.
TelormedixAdjuvant TechnologyAdjuvant with mucosal-specific activity inducing strong immune responses.
Use of phospholipid-TLR7 agonist conjugates for improved cellular membrane penetration and activation of the innate immune system.
Promotes rapid and long-lasting humoral immune responses.
Adjuvant effect significantly superior to competitor's TLR9-targeted adjuvant.
Across species proven adjuvant efficacy (rodents, rabbit).
Adjuvant manufacturing process being optimise to ensure scale up.