Telormedix has developed two proprietary TLR7-targeted molecules; TMX-201 and TMX-202, as vaccine adjuvants. These novel adjuvants are composed of a TLR7-specific small molecule ligand conjugated to different phospholipid moieties for improved cellular membrane penetration and activation of the innate immune system.

These compounds have already been tested in animal models of vaccination in which they showed mucosal adjuvanticity, induced strong cellular immune responses, including TH1 and TH17, and had a protective effect in a mouse model of Anthrax infection. The phospholipid-TLR7 agonist conjugates promoted rapid and long-lasting humoral immune responses in preclinical models.

Both TMX-201 and TMX-202 were tested extensively as part of the HELICOVAXOR® system but did not deliver the expected results when combined with Sigmoid’s SmPill® oral drug delivery system or Gotovax’ Helicobacter pylori antigen. While this presented a challenge to the consortium, the members were able to test an alternative adjuvant in the system that produced promising results, and future development of the HELICOVAXOR® prototype will incorporate this adjuvant.  The new adjuvant has been extensively tested by Sigmoid, Gotovax and Trinity College, Dublin in other oral vaccine programmes and shows considerable promise.